What is Journal Prompting?

We are here to offer a journal prompt to help you inspire your journal entry. Writers can easily get our free 21-day journaling challenges with pre-written journal prompts to overcome bad habits and establish new positive patterns in life.

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A journal prompt is a thought-provoking statement that helps inspire your journal entry. Both new and seasoned writers alike can benefit from journal prompts. For novice writers, prompts help laser focus attention to a statement or question that begets elaboration. And for seasoned writers, it is an effective method of overcoming dreaded writer’s block. Either way, a journal prompt is an effective way to help laser focus your attention into a statement or question then elaborate fully on it with a journal entry.

guided journal prompts

At JournalOwl, writers can enroll in our free 21-day journaling challenges with pre-written journal prompts designed to help you overcome bad habits or establish new positive patterns in your life. Overcomers enroll in a challenge and journal their way to better habits. It is a fun, effective, and inspiring way to dive deep into the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of life’s habitual patterns. We provide a variety of health & wellness challenges, mental fitness challenges, and spiritual challenges. Here is a small sampling of our health & wellness challenges:  

  • Sugar Free Challenge
  • Dairy Free Challenge
  • Caffeine Free Challenge
  • Meat Free Challenge
  • Smoke Free Challenge

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Here is a quick example of how we help writers overcome habitual eating patterns. Our challenges are designed to help you understand what you are aiming to accomplish, why you want to accomplish it, and what your action plan is to sustain this “new you” going forward. By committing to 21-days of continuous introspection, JournalOwl helps you dissect and interrupt negative emotional patterns.

Analyze Eating Habits:

·  Take 5 minutes to think about your morning breakfast routine over the last month. Do you habitually put sugar in your coffee? Now write for 5 minutes about your daily routine.

·  What emotion do you generally feel before indulging in a sugary treat? Now write about this emotion that propels you to indulge in sugary treats. Does consuming sugar temporarily make the problem go away?

·  How do you feel the morning after indulging in sugary treats?

Write a Letter to Yourself:

· Imagine yourself in 5 years from now. Now write a letter explaining how the short-term suffering and sacrifice you’re enduring at this moment has led to the strong, vibrant, and successful individual reading the letter in 5 years.

Writer a Letter to Your Future 16-Year-Old Son or Grandson:

· Write a letter to your grandson that they open on their 16th birthday. In your letter, write about 1 current event that is happening right now, and then provide your grandson with a piece of valuable advice for the future.

With JournalOwl TimeCapsule, you can privately and confidentially write letters to your future self about anything. With military grade security and double-password protection, you never have to worry about someone knowing your inner most thoughts and desires. If you wish, you can share these letters with family members and revoke access at any time. Your writing is your writing.

Write a Letter to Your Future Self with TimeCapsule