Read, write about, and critically analyze any topic with our online journal engine. Bank-grade security keeps your thoughts private and 100% secure.


Journaling is at the center of everything we do.  We have the best-in-breed online journaling capabilities, sometimes referred to as freestyle journaling.  Create a freestyle journal for any mood, and add unlimited photos to it.  Plus, take advantage of our voice journaling (you talk, we type) or video journaling.

As the world becomes more fast-paced and chaotic, it's essential to take a moment to reflect on our daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings. If we don’t take a moment for ourselves, the frantic rhythms of everyday life can overwhelm and sidetrack us from discovering our core values and goals. If you are at a point where you lack the mental clarity to make the right decisions, or you feel your emotions control you, and you act from a state of reactiveness rather than proactiveness, maybe journaling is exactly what you need to get out of this situation. 

Journaling has been proven to be an effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth. It helps you track your progress, identify patterns, and gain new insights about yourself and the world around you. With JournalOwl's Classic Journaling feature, you can take your journaling practice to the next level since we are pioneers in the market of combining a digital diary and a goal tracker at the same time.



Q: What Makes JournalOwl's journaling software and online diary unique? 

What sets JournalOwl apart is our freestyle journaling capabilities in combination with our advanced goal trackers. You can create a journal for any mood or occasion and customize it to your heart's desire. You can capture special moments and create a visual representation of your journey with unlimited photos.

Some key benefits of JournalOwl’s Journaling platform are:

Goal Trackers

We all know how a freestyle writing entry can be so chaotic that, looking back, it will be a mess to try and actually analyze progress and reflect on it. 

Having thought of this pain point, we are introducing Goal Trackers. With Goal Trackers, you can track anxiety, weight, steps, exercise, alcohol consumption, etc., making JournalOwl's digital diary more than a diary — a goal tracker and a diary simultaneously. 


Have you ever wished to quit sugar once and for all? Or maybe you want to embrace the art of gratefulness? When signing up for JournalOwl, you will choose your favorite topics from a broad category based on what you want to improve or are interested in. 

After that, in your dashboard, you will have the opportunity to choose amongst journaling support groups that will guide you step by step through expressive writing and thought-provoking questions in your journey toward self-development — allowing you to introspect and receive personalized value for free.

Progress Trackers

You can set reminders, create goals, and track your progress to help you stay on track with your journaling practice. You can also share your journal entries with your friends and family or keep them private.

Bank-Level Security 

We understand that journaling is a personal and intimate experience, and we take the utmost care to keep your thoughts and ideas private. Our bank-grade security ensures that your information is always 100% secure.

Q: Is the Journaling Platform Free?

All the amazing capabilities we described above are 100% free. If you wish to upgrade and get even more scientifically approved features that will drastically change your journaling experience, you can upgrade for the measly amount of $4.95 per month.