Microsoft Access Tutorial - Beginners Level 1 (Quick Start)

DiscoverTechnologyMicrosoft Access Tutorial - Beginners Level 1 (Quick Start)



In this video tutorial, I will show you how to use Microsoft Access for beginners. Microsoft Access is a Database Management Software that is great for storing information and creating relationships between that information. Microsoft Access allows you to quickly add fields to a table and then you can create forms, queries, and reports to help input more records or ask the questions you want answers to.

Microsoft Excel contact List for import: Microsoft Access Level 2 Tutorial: 00:00 Introduction 0:25 What is Microsoft Access 1:21 Create a blank database in Access 3:05 A quick tour of the tabs and ribbon 6:45 Create a table in Microsoft Access 8:30 Adding fields to your table 10:53 Add records in datasheet view 12:52 Import records from excel spreadsheet 15:16 Create a form in Microsoft Access 16:15 Design view in a form 18:20 Enter or modify records in a form 20:25 Create a query in Microsoft Access 22:02 Modify your query in design view 23:59 Create a report in Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Tutorials:

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