Luke Bible Study


The Gospel of Luke tells of the origins, birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Together with the Acts of the Apostles, it makes up a two-volume work which scholars call Luke–Acts, accounting for 27.5% of the New Testament.


In this Bible Study group challenge, JournalOwl takes you deep into the Book of Luke. Join us today to embark on a worldwide challenge with other believers to:

  • Prime yourself with a short video of each chapter of Luke
  • Answer a series of thought-provoking questions in your JournalOwl Bible Study 
  • Participate in short quizzes to test your understanding 
  • Chat live and connect with other Bible Study participants around the world!

JournalOwl's Bible Study series was designed to break the Holy Bible into digestible chunks that can be more easily comprehended and applied to everyday life. To make it interactive & fun, we have sourced educational videos from YouTube to help provide participants with an audio-visual overview of each chapter. After watching a short video, you are asked to read scripture and highlight any verses you'd like to write more about. Our intuitive technology mirrors what you highlight directly into an online journaling memo pad where you can expressively write about the verse, or ask JournalOwl to provide you with another prompt about the specific chapter challenge. 


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