Learning to Love Yourself Again

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Before you can fully love others, you should love yourself. Learn how to stop negative self talk with our guided journaling challenge.Without self-love: You can't fully love others You self-sabotage your achievements You focus on negative vs. positive outcomes


Are you the type that looks in the mirror and says, “I wish I had better skin,” or “I need to work out more”? If you are – believe me, you are not alone. 

Many of us tend to be drawn into our own perceived imperfections: skin, hair, weight, teeth, how our clothes fit, and the list goes on. Focusing on our perceived imperfections can damage your self-esteem. Are they really imperfections? 

Listen, most people do not fit the stereotypical “ideal” of the alpha male or runway model. When you focus on why you do not “measure up” to societal standards that are frankly unachievable for most – you’re criticizing yourself. Instead of criticizing who you are, why not speak to yourself in a kinder more supportive manner?

If you’re the type that constantly puts yourself down, maybe you need a little more self-love in your life? In this 21-day journaling challenge to self-love,  we will guide you through a series of tips & tricks to cultivating and fostering more self-love. You’ll remember who you are, how beautiful you are, and why others should value you – for you – not for the clothes you wear, your body fat percentage, or the car you drive. 

By journaling, you will intentionally choose to think of yourself in a kinder way. You will be more grateful for who you are, not who you think you should be. And you can finally start being YOU. 

So let’s get after it. I’ll check in with you in a few days to see how you’re doing.

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