Girls and Athletics

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Girls and Athletics

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Giving a brief summary of the activity, rules and method of administration of the following games in girls' schools and colleges, women's clubs, etc.: archery, basket ball, cricket, fencing, field day, field hockey, gymnastics, golf, hand ball, ice hockey, indoor base ball, rowing, soccer, skating, swimming, tennis, track athletics, volley ball, walking, water polo, water basket ball.

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Publishers’ Note

Miss Mary C. Morgan, who has been chosen to edit the volume, “Girls and Athletics” is an all-around athlete of remarkable ability. As a student at Friends Central School, Philadelphia, and at Bryn Mawr College Miss Morgan played on basket ball, track, water polo, and field hockey teams and participated in the gymnastic events. At Bryn Mawr she held the individual cup in 1913 and 1914 for the highest number of points in the Interclass Track and Field meet. On the track she shares the world’s record for women of 12 seconds in the 100-yard dash and she holds the world’s record of 15-2/5 seconds in the 100-yard hurdle race of eight hurdles each 2 feet 6 inches high. Both of these records were made on cinder track with rubber-soled shoes in the cumbersome bloomer and jumper costume (cumbersome as compared to the scanty attire of male track and field athletes). Miss Morgan also shares the Bryn Mawr College record of 6-1/5 seconds for the 50-yard dash and holds the college record for the standing broad jump—7 feet 9 inches.

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